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Hey Blogger: How Fast Do You Type?

Hey Blogger: How Fast Do You Type?

Thankfully, being a proficient typist, has never been a job requirement my employer’s have sought from me. I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but I clock in at about 60 words per minute.

I found this out at TypeRacer, an addictive ‘game’ that allows you to practice your typing (as if bloggers need any more!), challenge strangers and compete for the next Type Idol. OK, that last point is false, but the Website is surprisingly fun.

Registration is not required and players are asked to type along with a popular song lyric or famous quote. If you make an error, the words and text bar turn red and stay that way until you correct yourself.

When your score is revealed at the end, you are presented with an Amazon affiliate link, giving you a chance to buy the media associated with the text you typed.

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A Facebook app is on the way.

I’m curious to know: How fast do you type? Does proficient blogging go hand-in-hand with typing skills? If so, I’m screwed! ;-)

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