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Home Office Setups

Home Office Setups

Now I’m a guy that has multiple PCs and Macs on his desk in my home office. In fact, it’s a Dell XPS, a Powermac G4, a Powerbook G4, and a Motion Tablet PC.. all interconnected through a network using synergy.

But this guy’s setup takes the cake… I count 7 LCDs, at least four PCs, and two laptops, along with an assorted PDA or two… Looks sharp too..

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  • It’s 8 systems (all but two are SMP/duals), two more not in the same room (too noisy), two laptops, 7 screens (five with dual input that is switchable), and the whole setup is hooked together via Synergy and MaxiVista in order to configure the screen realestate any way I need to. :-)

    It’s funny to see the picture page is still floating around on thet net and living a life of its own. I’ll have to update the pictures sometime because things have gotten upgraded over the past year with some new machines.

  • Stefan,

    Thanks for dropping by! I’d love to see pictures of your new setup.

    I’m thinking of adding a third LCD now that I’ve seen some of the rigs out there like yours – seems like it would be the right thing to do and has given me some new ideas for configuring things….

    All the best —

  • Phew – that’s some serious setup he has going there. :)

    He must be a serious techie guy needing all that or the geek to beat all geeks. ;)

    I think I’m quite happy with my dual monitor (plus laptop) set up. :)

  • Forget all the machines…I want to know how he manages all that cord! That office is spotless!

    I have a laptop PC, a desktop PC, a single 23″ monitor, a printer, a scanner, 2 external drives, 2 USB hubs, a Wacom tablet, a phone, a PDA, a router, a cable modem and a VOIP adapter on my “U” shaped desk. Most of the time it looks like “Snakes on a Plane” gone digital. One of these days I know I just have to unplug everything and start over with a plan to organize/conceal the cables.

  • Arghh … the chords, I know your frustrations. No matter how hard you try to keep them all neat and tidy they quickly end up in a tangled mess.

  • I’ll try and get some newer pictures up sometime next week, including a few of how the cables are managed. It’s really simple and the secret is in the construction of the legs of the desk and double sided velcro.

    Basically I run all cables along the legs and the vertical beams of the desks where they are sorted in groups (e.g. UTP wire, fiber, monitor cables, power cables) to avoid potential interference. Each group is held together by small strips of double sided velcro (it wraps around the cables once or twice and sticks to itself). Then the bundles of cables are tied with the same double sided velcro around the beams and legs to keep them in place and (to some degree) out of sight. I have to admit that when the place was empty and I started putting in the cables it took me 3 whole days to get that done. Simple but labor intensive. A week ago I had to put in two new systems and that required re-routing some of the monitor cables. The velcro was fantastic in keeping it clear which cables came from where and where they had to go, but still the unwrapping and re-wrapping took a whole day as well.

  • Yup. Makes me want to upgrade my system. My lease on my Dell expired Sep/2006 and I need to figure out where to go next. I was thinking Laptop – DELL XPS M2010 .. but I think I can learn a few things from memorizing Stefan’s H.O… like a couple racks, or a bunch of monitors .. Hmm.

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