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How did the Blog Herald predictions go for 2005?

How did the Blog Herald predictions go for 2005?

Its coming up to List Season again, where every man and his dog puts together a list or two about the year that was and the year that will be, and as always I’m totally guilty of the same habit. I read at Daypop that the list guy at Filmoculous is back tracking the various lists as they are released, so given that I’m already starting to take notes for my various lists that will be published later in the month, what better time to look at what I predicted for this year. The original post can be found here.

1. Yahoo will enter blogging.
It sort of did with Yahoo! 360 but there still isn’t a pure blog play from Yahoo! yet, so I’m giving myself 0.5 of a mark for this one.
2. 2005 will be deemed ‘€œThe Year of the Blog’€?
Various times 1 pt
3. SixApart will be bought
Wrong for the second year in a row. 0/1

4. Scam blogs will test blogging credibility
This quote I wrote at the time was sooooo right:
” spammers, criminals and others will establish a number of scam blogs and blogging services (which they may already be doing) that will cause a threat to the credibility to the blogosphere.”
There was no such thing as spam blogs in 2004, certainly not as we know them now. I can only give myself one point unfortunately.
5. Blog advertising will boom Look for new blog-specific advertising firms to compete with the likes of
Right again. Chitika, Kanoodle, YPN, Adzaar, TLA….. blog advertising has gone through the roof although most are broader than just blogs but many target blogs specifically. 1pt
7. Others will pool their resources.
My quote at the time: “Jason McCabe Calacanis is on to something with his network of blogs. Expect copy-cat like enterprises emerging throughout 2005. There will be new companies that will compete for the corporate advertising dollar with new networks of targeted blogs. What may well emerge is bloggers pooling their blogs, time and intellectual work in a communal model of blogging network, leveraging their combined power and traffic to deliver appealing advertising packages to big media and marketing firms alike.”
2005 was really the year of the Blog Network. 1pt
8. The Blog Herald will retain it current design all year, we promise’€¦.
1pt, although I did remove the rounded edges the 3 column layout and header are the same. 1pt
9. Blogs will do television Sometime during 2005 bloggers will get their own television show on blogging. It won’€™t win awards, but expect it to be highly visible on bittorrent networks.
0.5pts. There is no dedicated blogger show as far as I am aware, but there is a show on CNN that talks to bloggers and uses blog content when discussing news.
10. The Association will be formed
0pt Still no blogging association.

TOTAL: 6/10 not to bad really, I’ll have to see if I can do better this year.

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