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How Does Weather Impact Your Blog?

How Does Weather Impact Your Blog?

Enjoy the final days of summer, because according to the ’09 Farmers’ Almanac, we’re in for a helluva a winter. The 192-year-old journal which claims an 85% weather accuracy rate, contradicts a report from the National Weather Service which predicted warmer winter weather.

Since blogging is basically an indoor activity, you might be wondering why you’re reading about weather on BlogHerald. Well, I’m curious to hear from you if the weather – or general seasonality – affects your ability to blog.

I know, it might sound silly, but think it through for a moment. The outside environment does impact our mood, no? Quite possibly, your writing follows suit.

So how does the weather outside and overall seasonality impact your blogging skills?

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For example, I find myself busier and more distracted during the summer months. But cold weather stresses me out. So what’s my perfect blogging conditions? Gray and cool. Bring it on!

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  • Well, I will tell you of one major impact for me! I live in hurricane territory and when there is a storm anywhere nearby or that seems to have us in its sights potentially, constantly hitting “refresh” on my favorite tropical weather site is definitely a distraction. It’s also distracting to be going over those preparation checklists in the back (or front) of your mind…just in case. And the stress in general is very distracting. It’s hard to concentrate on the mundane when half your brain is holding its breath to kick into emergency mode. And this can go on for a week for a storm that doesn’t even end up to hit you…

    And then of course, if you do get hit by even a supposedly mild storm like we did by Fay last week, power outages or internet outages (or even blinking power) can make working difficult to impossible.

  • In sunny California, weather definitely affects blog traffic.

    I can’t speak on how it affects my ability to blog. I only edit and help shape some blogs. In my 8 years in the online news industry, traffic in Southern California always increases significantly when the streets are wet, or it is too hot to go out.

  • Yep, it is true, the weather does play a role in terms of the mood and style of writing. I enjoy mild, sunny days where I can actually get out of the house and blog from the notebook. However, I do get a lot more blogging done in the winter months since there is nothing else to do.

  • Funny you should bring this topic up. It’s been raining and dreary here for like 5 days, and i’ve been quite productive.

    When its a gorgeous Sunny day, i want to get out. So rain is good for my productivity.

  • I blog in my spare time, and when the weather is nice, I usually try to go out and enjoy it, so I only do the basic things for my blog. On the other hand, I get the best ideas for my blog when going for a walk or sitting outside drinking a latte.

  • I bet seasonal weather also effects certain niches. For example, I bet winter sports blogs do exceptionally well…in the winter, when people are thinking about skiing and snowboarding and the like.

    I expect it will also effect my niche (gardening–don’t laugh!) but I am not sure how it will change my traffic patterns (my blog is too young to know). Will more people be interested in my blog during the winter when they wish they could be gardening, or in the spring and summer when they actually are gardening?

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