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How to Provide Great Blog Content Without Being Too Salesy

How to Provide Great Blog Content Without Being Too Salesy

how to write great blog content that isn't overly promotional

Many marketers start blogs for their company as a way to promote their products or services through another medium. However, as the recent Google updates and overall best practices for search engine optimization and content marketing go, it is best to focus on providing blog posts that are useful and cover industry news instead of trying to sell more products.

Throughout the years, internet users have become smarter and better about finding the information they need and are interested in. Because of this, they are not willing to waste their time looking at overly promotional copy that isn’t teaching them something new or catering to their interests. ¬†Because of this, it is time for bloggers to step up their game and start providing great content. Once a website begins to get recognized as a leader in their industry for providing great information through their blog posts, they will start getting more leads and traffic.

Answer a Question

Some of the best content online today answers questions that people are asking. Because most websites get a large majority of their traffic from search engines, it is important to answer the questions that people are querying. Simply visit your keyword referrals in Google Analytics or the Google Analytics Keyword Search Tool and enter your website URL or top level keywords to get results on what related phrases are getting searches.

This can help you brainstorm ideas as to what people are searching for and how you can provide that information through your company blog.

Provide an Insight Into Company Culture

Besides providing a resource, blogs are also a good place to promote the company culture without being salesy or promotional. Keep it lighthearted or whatever is consistent with your company and include blog posts about events, non-profit work, new office designs, new employees, work parties or birthdays, and other festive events. This makes readers feel more connected to the actual people behind the brand, instead of just seeing the company as a figurehead. Personalizing the company can make readers trust in you more.

Stir Controversy

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Another angle to take in your blog posts is to stir up controversy. Provide your opinion (as long as your company approves it) that may not be agreeable to everyone. Publishing original ideas and going against the grain may stir up more publicity and get more traffic than posts that just say more of the same.

Additionally, if there is something your company is doing that is different from your competitors (and can benefit your customers), you can highlight that in your blog posts as well.


No matter what angle you take, be sure to include variety and craft well-written posts based on great ideas. Your readers will respect great content be more compelled to purchase your products or share your posts.

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  • There are a lot of directions people can turn to provide good, quality content like interviews, reviews, opinion, lists, how-to’s, etc. You’re right though. Great content builds trust. It’s a must in this day and age. Nice post.

  • I started a blog to promote my business but the blog is now getting more money then my original business. I actually focused on quality not the marketing. o I beleive in growing my business from this blog.
    Any advice? I really don’t want to be promotional on my blog.

    • I would continue focusing on quality content, but perhaps you can seek sponsorships through ads in the sidebar, sponsored posts, etc. These can be done in an unobtrusive way that can still help you earn an income from your blog.

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