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How Pinterest Can Cure Writer’s Block

How Pinterest Can Cure Writer’s Block

cure writer's block with pinterest

Pinterest is one of the coolest new social media networks to come along in a long time. For the creative types, it can bring an endless source of inspiration and motivation, especially because it is so visually appealing.

However, even though its focus is on images, when it comes to the written word, Pinterest can be a great source for blog post ideas, especially when you have writer’s block. By maintaining an active Pinterest presence, you can help keep your creative juices flowing without having to resort to writing exercises or another round-up post made of links or images.

As a Search Engine

Search for relevant images by keyword. For instance, if you were a travel blogger and needed to cover something interested in Ireland, searching for the country name, famous cities, or a mixture of these keywords and “vacation” or “trip” might yield some interesting destinations that you hadn’t covered before.

Similarly, if you are in marketing, look for infographics that cover marketing trends or tutorials on Facebook or Twitter. It can lead you to a wealth of resources and information that can help you craft a great blog post that is appealing to your readers.

As a Story Keeper

One way to fight writer’s block is to have the resources prepared ahead of time to combat it. Keep a public or private Pinterest board just for blog post ideas. Whenever you are browsing the site and come across something that inspires you or relates to the type of content you are creating, then pin it to your story board.

Then, the next time you have writer’s block, you can refer to this special board to find ideas.

As a Distraction

Sometimes the best blog post ideas come at a time when you aren’t thinking about them, because your mind is relaxed (that’s why so many people have good ideas in the shower). If you are struggling writing a single word, you can use Pinterest as a short distraction to let your mind de-stress and open back up to receiving writing ideas.

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Set a timer and spend 5-15 minutes browsing others’ pins, looking for specific things you’ve been thinking about lately (like new Halloween decorations or that trip to Greece) , and then once the timer goes off, gently go back to completing the blog post at hand.


Utilizing Pinterest in these three ways can not only utilize this image-based social sharing site to its full potential, but to also give you a break from the reading and writing massive amounts of content each day.

photo credit: bornazombie via photopin cc

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