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How to Perfect Your Blogger Bio

How to Perfect Your Blogger Bio

how to improve your blogger bio

There are several reasons to blog, but notoriety is usually one of them. Regular blogging can increase your online presence and make you better known within your industry. However, your content isn’t the only thing that will make you better known. A well-written blogger bio (that usually appears on the sidebar or at the end of your post) can be your ticket to further engaging with your readers. If they find out that they both like your writing and you have a clever bio, they are more likely to connect with you through Twitter, Google+ or your website.

Make Every Sentence Matter

In your bio, you only get a few sentences to get your point across. Each sentence needs to perfectly describe who you are and what you are known for. Try to include a basic sentence about what you do and then another sentence that explains why you are an expert in the industry that you are blogging about.

Include a Call to Action

Along with strong sentences, you should also include a call to action at the end of your bio. This should include something like, “Follow Kelsey Jones on Twitter @wonderwall7” or “Check out more from Kelsey at” If possible, these should include links to the applicable sites.

Utilize All Links

If the blog you are writing on allows you to connect your social media profiles, take advantage of it. Be sure to also fill out your Google+ profile for Google Authorship as well, which can help make you more visible in search results. Blogging for visibility means that you need to give your users as many outlets as possible to connect with you.

Choose the Right Profile Photo

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Your profile photo that accompanies your blog makes just as big of an impression as the written bio itself. Make sure the photo has you in regular or business attire (instead of a graphic t-shirt or something too revealing) and you are facing the camera straight on. Smiling in your photo also makes you look more approachable and knowledgeable.


These are just some of the tips that can make your blogging bio stand out from the crowd. By including a succinct bio with a call to action and a professional profile photo, you can craft an outstanding and appealing bio that will help others further connect with you via social media or your website.

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