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Hurricane Katrina: Please donate to Save the Children

Hurricane Katrina: Please donate to Save the Children

After some reader feedback all Weblog Empire blogs are now supporting the effort by Save the Children to provide relief services to those suffering after following Cyclone Katrina.

Banners are being run exclusively across the network at least for the next week or so to encourage people to donate.

I’ve also put together a generic banner as well you’d like to use it for your site:

right click on the banner and then save as. Link it to the following url:

Further charities recommended by readers are available here, but at the end of the day I want to help people, I want the charity to be preferably non-religious, and I want some sort of assurance that the money actually gets to the people in need, not kept for a later date as is typical of the Red Cross, at least here in Australia.

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I would urge all readers to donate if they haven’t done so already. Even a small amount, $5 or $10 dollars, all helps. Please, by all means, if you do donate, let us know in the comments. I’ll run a feature during next week highlighting every Blog Herald reader who gets behind Save the Children, so make sure you leave your comment here with the amount you’ve donated, or alternatively email me with the amount and blog details for the special posts. Lets see if we can raise $1000 or even more!

Thanks and god speed.

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  • Go ahead, Mark. I borrowed it from Blogspotting, who borrowed it from …, who borrowed it from … Well, you know, typical internet stuff. Yes, it is very witty, and probably true :-)

  • Thanks John…

    I had someone give me a rash that $5.87/gallon (near Atlanta on Weds. when everyone else was at about $3+) was just “the market sending scarcity signals.” Wonder what he’ll have to say about this? Thanks for the smile – we all need it.

  • 5 dollar per galllon has been standard for some time here in Germany, it is hitting 6 with the latest bumps.

    Just to remind everyone how redicular low prices are still in the US.

  • Well, my maths ~ not good at the best of times ~ gives a price of $6.35 a gallon here in England. It doesn’t seem to stop the roads being unpassable most of the time though.

  • the only way the hurricane relief could have been done better would have been for the cities, counties, parishes, states and the federal government to have more fully appreciated what might have happened with katrina and to have anticipated it by positioning the help at forward staging areas outside of the hurricane’s path. that takes several days, at best, to set help in motion and in the case of “katrina” none of the above were done.
    afterward, everyone started working as best the could possibly do—-under the circumstances– which are atrocious.
    the news media, as usual, is belittling every help agency they can point their cameras too or get their microphones too. tragedy is good news and they are fully exploiting it. shepard smith acts extremely pissed off but has no solutions. geraldo rivera must think he is trying out for some drama soap opera rather than doing good reporting. that’s typical of rivera.
    up here in iowa, people have been collecting and donating at a feverish rate. it takes a while for everyone to realized the magnitude of the problem and to then respond—–even the federal government if they are not poised to jump ahead of time.
    much of this slow to act problem is precisely because of the media which has pounced on every wind and rain in recent years in such dramatic ways that people have begun to ignore them. when you have reporters standing in the middle of a parking lot with camera in hand staggering around to get the “good shots” people start taking their reports as just the usual and ordinary.
    and now i see the media is allowing people to allude that this is a racial problem. you make me sick to my stomach!

    michael crane

  • Okay folks, it just isn’t about the PRICE of Gas, its about how much the price of gas shot up! Last Sun. here in Savannah it was $2.48/gallon. Yesterday, it was $3.20/gallon. A 30% increase in 5 days? So what the he** does $5.87/gallon relate to? It’s called gouging i.e. theft. It isn’t about how little we pay in the U.S. its about how much the thieves want to try to steal from us – or you…

    And it certainly, most assuredly, without any doubt, is NOT about the market sending scarcity signals! Good grief, where does anyone get this stuff?

  • I live in Maryland and while I can’t donate money, my 3 daughters, 6 grandchildren and friends and family can put together a very large donation of shoes, clothing, bankets, ect. However, I have been unable to find an organization who will take the donations! Any one have any suggestions?

  • “I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

    Stephen Grellet

    Below is the list of FEMA and the ONE Campaigns listing of charities to donate funds/food/clothing etc. for the Hurricane Katrina survivors. I have done my due diligence and these are the ratings and standings of monies actually allocated to the survivors themselves (instead of paying for the employees etc.) from each charity per charity navigator-

    To do your own due diligence please go to:

    America’s Second Harvest Most RECENT Highest Rating ONLY for Hurricane Katrina 100% proceeds will be given to the survivors!!!!!

    Mercy Corps Highest Rating 4 Stars 64.21

    Operation Blessing Higher Rating 4 Stars 62.44

    International Medical Corps Higher Rating 4 Stars 62.10

    Save The Children Higher Rating 4 Stars 61.46

    American Red Cross High Rating 4 Stars 60.36

    World Hope International High Rating 4 Stars 60.35

    World Vision Mid Rating 3 Stars 58.71

    Christian Children’s Fund Mid Rating 3 Stars 54.50

    Oxfam America Mid Rating 3 Stars 54.14

    Church World Service Low Mid Rating 3 Stars 52.74

    Bread For The World Lower Rating 2 Stars 47.38

    International Rescue Committee Lower Rating 2 Stars 47.16

    World Relief Lower Rating 2 Stars 45.00

    International Orthodox Lower Rating 2 Stars 43.53 Christian Charities

    United Way of America Even Lower Rating 2 Stars 41.88

    Heifer International Lowest Rating 1 Star 36.46

    I have not included the other religious charities on the list because they are exempt from having to report their financial allocations.

    God bless to all the survivors, their families, friends and loved ones and to all of you!!!!

  • Although the banner has “Save the Children” it links to the “Feed the Children” website. The two agencies are independent of one another.

  • please do more due diligence

    Operation Blessing

    FEMA Urges Donations to Pat Robertson
    It Just Keeps Getting Worse

    “As Republicans and Democrats alike continue to decry the slow federal response and lack of initial assistance to those profoundly affected by this disaster — many of them impoverished — an additional facet of FEMA’s mishandling of this calamity has come to light.
    We are now learning that in the hours following Katrina’s landfall, FEMA — the Federal Emergency Management Agency, now a part of the Department of Homeland Security — rightly encouraged Americans to make charitable donations, but wrongly placed Pat Robertson at the top of that list.

    Making matters worse is that as soon as this insult came under scrutiny, after millions of Americans had already been urged by FEMA to give to Robertson, FEMA began covering its tracks — erasing any sign of its actions from its Internet site.

    On August 29th, FEMA encouraged Americans to donate to three central charities on its web site — the Red Cross, Operation Blessing, and America’s Second Harvest. So what is Operation Blessing, and who are its leaders? A visit to Operation Blessing’s web site lists “M.G. Robertson” as the Chairman, and Dede Robertson as Vice President. Who is “M.G. Robertson?” None other than Pat Robertson himself; Robertson’s personal website identifies him as “M.G. Pat Robertson.” And Dede? That’s his wife.

    This is of course the same Pat Robertson who urged the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez… the same Pat Robertson who intoned that God will judge Israel’s leaders harshly for withdrawing from Gaza — bringing sharp rebukes from the Anti-Defamation League and many, many others.

    Operation Blessing tries to hide more than just its leadership, though; they would also be happy if we forgot some of what they’ve done. As reported two years ago, “…Operation Blessing’s tax-exempt cargo planes were used almost exclusively for a diamond-mining operation [in Zaire], not for humanitarian purposes. A subsequent investigation by Virginia authorities turned up evidence for charging Operation Blessing with violations of the state’s charitable solicitation law.”

    But within hours of Internet blogs reporting on FEMA’s outrageous call to help Katrina’s victims by donating to Pat Robertson, FEMA pulled the references to Robertson’s group from their website. Not so fast: a snapshot of FEMA’s central Katrina donation page, still live as of August 31st.

  • When I did my due diligence regarding the charitable organizations above I just went to “charity navigator” which is the most well known search engine on the net regarding how much on the dollar is actually allocated to the survivors that need the charity and not the people who work for the charity. I did not know that Operation Blessing had all of the above going on including being run by Pat Robertson, but on the other hand United Way (even Red Cross after 911) and many other organizations have been under scrutiny and some found of wrong doing and then just a few months later everyone has forgotten and is giving donations to them again. I do not believe in involving myself with an unscrupulous charity but I do know for a fact that on charity navigator (the best resource there is regarding monies allocated) that Operation Blessing’s contribution rate/percentage to the survivors is # 3 on the list as stated above and due to them declaring this on this report they are not lawfully allowed to give any less. I also know that these organizations will be watched under a magnifying glass due to all of the mistakes on behalf of FEMA etc (and what happened with the Red Cross after 911) and so they would not dare stray from their publically announced/written donation allotment. On the other hand I am sorry that FEMA’s official recommendation is tainted and am grateful/thankful to you for pointing it out to us.

    Warm regards to you all!

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