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Internet Explorer 7 Blocking Google AdSense?

Internet Explorer 7 Blocking Google AdSense?

Loren reports over at The Search Engine Journal that IE7 beta is blocking Google Adsense ads. There goes the neighbourhood….

Note to Jeremy Wright, as your the only person I know that uses IE7 beta, is it blocking them for you?

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  • I’m running MSIE 7 Beta also .. why ever would there only be one or two people on the whole net running it? It certainly shows Adsense and YPN, Chitika, etc. just fine .. at least as well as version 6 or Firefox.

    Posting a rumor is an old tradition but why wouldn’t the average blogger just crank up the product and see for him or herself? Firefox blindfness perhaps? A clue: in my business oriented blog, MSIE readers still outnumber Firefox readers by 25 to 1, so if you aren’t testing you blog’s monetization with IE you may well be leaving dollars on the table because of the perceived ‘snob appeal’ of using certain browsers exclusively. The “blog-o-sphere” may be well convinced, but the vast majority of the ‘Net, the ones who have a corporate credit card in hand are not.

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