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Introducing Amit Agarwal!

Introducing Amit Agarwal!

And, just in time for Christmas, the Blog Herald is very proud to announce another writer joining our team- one of the biggest bloggers out there, Amit Agarwal.

Amit’s blog, Digital Inspirations is a virtual juggernaut in traffic, and is one of the most popular blogs not just in India, but the whole world.

At his blog, Amit serves up piping hot productivity tips every day on a smorgasbord of topics, ranging from “Dealing With Plagiarism Online”, to “Google Alerts — An Advanced Tutorial”, to “How to Add Language Translation Flags To Your Site”.

Given his popularity and useful tips, its no surprise that not only has Amit has been interviewed by CNN and CNBC, but his tips have been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Financial Times, CNN Money, CNet, and the Motley Fool.

Every week Amit will be sharing with us what he knows best — even more on what he knows about Windows, Internet, and blogging productivity.

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Today, he kicks things off with a little known program available to all Windows XP users, Photostory.

Welcome aboard, Amit. The Blog Herald is so pleased to have you with us!!

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