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Introducing Weblog Empire v2

Introducing Weblog Empire v2

Just a quick introduction and an invite to all Blog Herald readers to the reincarnation of Weblog Empire, this time as a blog link exchange forum.

The forum can be visited here:

The idea is simple. We are all sick of getting unsolicited emails from people wanting to exchange links (particularly when 99% of them are junk or auto generated). Using this forum, you can not only advertise the ability to swap links with like-topic blogs, you can find people who are willing to link to you. And if you don’t want to make your email details public it supports its own internal email system, as well as giving the opportunity to others to post that they’d be interested as well in response to you, without having to suffer the emails and what not.

Think of it as a dating agency for blog links! :-)

It will also give you a chance to promote your blogs as well as I’m encouraging people who post to add a little about their blog in their post.

It’s just launched so there maybe a few bugs. I haven’t managed to get the RSS plugin for PHPBB working yet so feeds are still to come, however I’m not calling it a beta….it’s launched, live and waiting for you to visit!

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Just a note that this isn’t a b5media job but a personal project. Think of it as my after the Blog Herald blog related gig/ hobby.

Of course any feedback is always welcome.

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