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Irrasshaimase! The Blog Herald Japan Debuts!!

Irrasshaimase! The Blog Herald Japan Debuts!!

Did you know that English isn’t the biggest language in the Blogosphere? According to some data, courtesy of Technorati, Japanese might be the biggest language in the blogosphere! Records show that in 2006 Japanese accounted for 37%, while English only accounted for 31% of the language posted in the blogosphere.

So, in an effort to make the Blog Herald a little more global, and to align with the largest non-English speaking audience in the blogosphere, we’ve released a Japanese version of the Blog Herald at No, we haven’t just run our content through Babelfish — we’re partnering with Ioix to humanly translate our most important articles into Japanese, over at The Blog Herald Japan. We currently have over 100 articles ready, and each new article gets translated in less than a day.

We believe that our stable of writers have a lot to offer, from Scott Karp‘s thoughtful posts on the blogging and new media, to Lorelle Van Fossen‘s must-read musings on WordPress, to Amit Agarwal‘s weekly productivity tips. And we think that non-English reading audiences would enjoy them as well.

To that end, look for other international, humanly translated versions of the Blog Herald to compliment The Blog Herald Japan– to be released in the near future.

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Oyasuminasai! (well, its late evening as I’m writing this, anyway!)

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  • I’m very interested in these language stats. Does anyone know of any resource where one can access a more comprehensive breakdown?

    One thing that surprised me, apart from the low numbers for English, was a declining percentage for Mandarin Chinese- when one would have thought this would be the fastest growing.

    From what I understand- the style of Japanese blogosphere is different when compared to English language blogs- in that a personal blog might have 20+ short “diary” updates in a day, rather than one or two longer posts. So “volume” language stats become a little less relevant.

  • On a personal note, I’d like to thank Tom and Onishi from IOIX for making this not insignificant achievement possible.

  • Mark, thanks for the complement :) We will be busy enough just to translate what BH offers daily, but eventually we will try to report Japanese blogging scene to the western world in English. Your perspective on the Japanese blogging above is pretty much correct in my experiences.. but we need much deeper study to report it here!

  • I love reading Japanese celebrity blogs.. They have an awesome celebrity and idol blog culture that the English speaking world seems to lack.

    It’s almost a requirement for Japanese celebrities to have a personal blog that’s available for the public. Kinda like a PR gimmick really but really fun to read. Itoh Misaki’s blog is a great example of how she writes about mundane stuff like food all the time but still manages to get a fairly decent readership because she’s a celebrity n all.

    Just checked out the Japanese Blog herald and looks like Ioix did a pretty good work on the translations.. awesome.

  • That is fantastic Tony. I have two friends who prefer writing and reading in Japanese. I will forward them the new Japanese localization. I personally am looking forward to a French version.

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