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Is attacking good bloggers good for business?

Is attacking good bloggers good for business?

Duncan Riley
I stumbled across a relatively new blog today, and although I should know better, some of the commentary really, really annoyed me…because quiet frankly this blogger, who does not even have the courage to name themselves on the blog, in attempted self promotion has attacked me and a number of other hard working blogfiends who blog on the subject of blogging. Now I write this not because I am afraid of competition, in deed we need more people providing commentary and coverage of the blogosphere, because at the end of the day something so large cannot be covered by a mere few.

The Blog is “Weblog Hype” , and its not a bad blog, some interesting stories and comments, and I’m happy to admit that I’ve added the RSS feed to Sharpreader. But is this comment really necessary? “The dearth of posts at Blogroots was one of the reasons I started Weblog Hype. I just couldn’t find a decent centralized site for general weblog news”. Weblog Hype editor here are a few:
Christian Crumlish and his team at Radio Free Blogistan provide an excellent source of blog news, in deed they’ve even given you a plug
BloggerJack Reporter has grown into a regular read, great links and industry reporting
Blogsearchengine is giving it a go, with an interesting recent survey
Bloghorrea is a great new site covering the lighter side of the blogosphere
Rolanda Tango is a never ending source of blogging tales, although he is not truly a blog news blog, and there are many other similar sites to Roland.
and for my own plug, the Blog Herald has endeavoured to be that very “blog news” site you so desperately can’t find. We may not be perfect, and we do not cover a lot of stories about RSS, because quite simply RSS is really over hyped (but that’s another story), but the site is still providing regular blogging news after 8 months, where a number of others have died trying, such as the Blogonian, which showed great promise, Microdoc News, Corante on Blogging and even Blogroots.
My advise to you sir or madam, is that in joining the great being that is the blogosphere, do so on your own merits and as a positive contributor to the world of blog news blogging, and not by sticking your boot into others. There are good blog news sites out there, even if you haven’t discovered them yet.

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  • In addition to BlogHerald, I also ger my dose of Blogsphere news and other tidbits from The Blogger Forums.

    It’s been my experience that if you can’t find a blog on a particular subject, you’re not looking hard enough. Even a simple Google search for “Blog News” will reveal a few nuggets.


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