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Is Dave Winer becoming cool?

Is Dave Winer becoming cool?

He writes today:

Only steal from the best

I’ve been reading Ben Barren’s blog for a couple of months now, and he’s been reading and quoting mine for at least that long. I like his style a lot, and I thought I should mention that his style has influenced mine.

Ben Barren, although I don’t know him personally, is also behind the Australian alternative to Technorati: Gnoos, which is set to launch in Februray.

I’ve been watching Ben a fair bit lately and he’s commented at The Blog Herald as well. Time to add him to my Bloglines feed, which is pretty exclusive (given I try to keep it to 100, although its out to 145 at the moment….Zoli are you listening to me…keeping writing interesting stuff :-) )

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Great to see a fellow Australian make the reading list of some one like Dave Winer and also great to see a fellow Australian make an impression amongst the Web 2.0 crowd.

(note I’m reading now Ben…:-) )

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  • Ouch, this must be a polite hint to how lazy I’ve become lately:-)
    You know, when I started blogging I wondered if I’d soon run out of subject, but the opposite happened: I often have the urge to blog about a subject, so I create a draft file in Blogjet, but don’t have the time to finish… I have a backlog of a dozen or so articles now….

  • Ben’s writing style sometimes seems like he’s suffering through a bout of malaria or overdoing the uppers, but the man speaketh the truth, and he hath done for many years. OK, he’s got an unhealthy obsession with skinny supermodels, but hey, we’re all a little weird or we wouldn’t be blogging, right? ;-)

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