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Is Google copying Microsoft tactics with Blogger?

Is Google copying Microsoft tactics with Blogger?

The widely reported news this week of the decision by Google to provide the currently paid Blogger Pro service for free, whilst praised in the Blogging Community, raises questions about the ethics behind Googles uber-predatory pricing structure given increasing competition from new starters in the blogging sector such as TypePad, 20six, Sparkpod and others. Reminicent of the Microsoft Internet Explorer vs Netscape wars of the 1990’s, there is little doubt that Google is trying to increase market share, and in doing so threatens its competition on the one ground they will strugle to come close to: price.
The Blog Herald asks: is this sort of behaviour acceptable from search giant Google? What we do know that like Operating Systems and Internet Browsers, market dominance and a reduction in competition only results in high costs and lower levels of innovation over the longer term.

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  • I currently use Blogger and despite the free features I still plan on migrating to Type Pad as soon as they clear up their domain mapping issues. It’s all about features and Blogger currently is just not up to snuff IMHO.

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