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Is it just me, or is email spam getting worse?

Is it just me, or is email spam getting worse?

I’m a mac user, so I use a combination of and Spam Sieve to filter my mail from spam.

Lately, though, it just seems to be getting worse and worse.. and Spam Sieve just isn’t cutting it anymore.. Anyone have a better solution that I can use?

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  • It’s not just you. I get so much Anatrim spam, it’s not even funny. “Get out of the obese crowd” – as if it were so easy :)

    Plus, my forums and blog comments are under the heaviest assaults I’ve ever seen.

  • I just checked my spam stats in Gmail. In the last 24 hours Gmail’s spam filter has caught about 280 pieces of spam. In that time, around 5-8 pieces have made it through to my inbox.

  • Yeah, I am with Aaron…

    Gmail catches ALL of my spam. But here is the kicker, I forward a copy of every message that I receive at my biz address ( to my Gmail account. I use Apple Mail to check my biz account. Gmail even filters messages that Mail let’s through, I have spam in my inbox with Mail but nothing with Gmail.

    That’s enough to make me want to use Gmail for Domains to host my biz email accounts.

  • Reading the headline I thought this post was going to be about Gmail. I’m a huge fan, but recently I’ve experienced a rapid increase in spam slipping through the spam filters. Sure, it still catches a lot, but the ratio is lower.

    Spam 2.0?

  • Ironically, most of my email spam has been coming from Japan.

    Those tricky spam people kept getting past Google’s spam feature so I eneded creating a filter for all emails containing a certain domain to be marked as spam.

    Yeah it hurt some of my friends, but it saved me from a ton wasteful emails I couldn’t even read.

  • I used to be getting, on average, about 475 spam emails per day which is almost 99% caught by my Spamnix (I use Eudora) .. my ISP upgraded their Apache and it identifies about 200 of those as spam. Not much spam reaches my inbox actually.

    But the average has been increasing. For instance – just today October 19th- I’ve received 18 emails with subject:
    Subject: {Spam?} Re: VmlAGRA

    By the end of the day there usually is about 50 extra per day in my Trash folder. Last week .. it was ..
    Subject: {Spam?} Re: VllAGRA

    Next week it will probably be
    Subject: {Spam?} Re: VolAGRA …

    and continuing through the alphabet up to
    Subject: {Spam?} Re: VzlAGRA

  • I don’t get to much spam in my email but my personal site is spammed heavily in the comments. I use the mail program that came with my laptop (mac). It does pretty good at blocking spam. Hotmail on the other hand – OMG!

  • Kind of ironic, cuz’ I just started using Spam Sieve two days agoa due to the huge amounts of Spam I was getting, and so far it is working like a dream.

    It catches those dreaded spam messages that are hidden in jpegs & gifs like a dream.

    Are you using the most recent version?

  • Hi,

    Yes, am using the current version. Following Michael’s advice, I read through the support material in detail, dumped my entire corpus and started over.

    I’m now seeing much more accurate spam detection.

    I’d like to apologize to michael for coming off like a jackass – if I had been intelligent enough to read the support docs, I probably could have solved this on my own.

    In any event, I’m back in happy anti-spam land!!

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