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Is it time to start the “stupid quotes about blogs” category?

Is it time to start the “stupid quotes about blogs” category?

Duncan Riley> I’ve categorised this one comment, but seemingly every day another alleged/ so-called/ self appointed expert on blogs makes another silly comment about the blogosphere. Now please, I don’t want to be the one to decide who’s a blog expert and who’s not where I’m going with this point. As blogs continue to proliferate, more and more people are providing commentary on blogs, which might I add is great, but its just unfortunate some get it wrong.

Try this one on for size:
“Most blog writers are intellectuals with a college degree and are tech-savvy”

Now my response to this is either, wow! I’m an intellectual, or the writer is living on another planet. Whilst its true that most “high profile” bloggers are white, male, with college degrees and often come from journalistic, tech or marketing backgrounds, this quote from TuftsDaily applied to 34.5 million blogs is unforgivable.

And the author: Ming Chow, “a frequent contributor of technical articles and weblog content to the O’Reilly Network, one of the world’s foremost technical publishers. ”

Sorry Ming, try again.

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Now Mings probably a nice bloke, and if your reading this, its nothing personal, I like being called an intellectual, it flatters the ego.

Should I start a new category, or am I being too mean after sitting in front of a computer for the last 9 hours? let me know, or send in your stupid quotes on blogging to The Blog Herald.

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  • Ming probably does not define diaries and journals as forms of blogs. If you count those genre out, then the statement is true at least to the gender of the writer. Topics are mostly political and technical, again without the consideration of diaries and journals. Education of course can only be derived unless one asks the blogger directly. In point of fact most blogs are dairies and most are written my women and girls. Check my papers list for more detail on the topic.

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