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Is Pubsub at its end?

Is Pubsub at its end?

Earlier this month we posted about the impending doom of Pubsub. In one of the most public posts by a CEO about the state of their company and the situation that led them there, Bob Wyman of Pubsub paints a not-too-pretty picture:

I can’t deny that things are not going well for us. Our days are numbered. A recent attempt to execute a merger has been blocked and we’ve been blocked from raising equity financing that would allow us to continue to pay salaries and pay off our $3 million in debt. Thus, our “doors” will close soon if we can’t find someone to pull us out of the current situation. Persons with fast access to cash and a desire for some of the industry’s best technology are advised to contact us rapidly…

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  • The “situation” that got PubSub there, as described in your link above, was a soliloquy by Bob Wyman representing his half of the story.

    Blog Herald–(and others like it) if you want to usurp the Mainstream Media then do a better job of what it does well now and present a balanced story.

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