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Is SixApart using new funding to expand internationally?

Is SixApart using new funding to expand internationally?

Morgan McLintic seems to think so. If SixApart Management is reading this post I’d give them one word: CHINA. If they were a little more speculative I’d add a second word, and this one probably has more potential longer term: INDIA.

I would add though that an AUD based blogging service would have great potential as well. Sure, the market is only 20 million roughly (hey, we’ve got 18.5 million mobile accounts in a country of only 20 and a bit million), but it’s a market that’s been under catered for where those who are blogging do so with overseas providers. I’m sure that a AUD service under the name of SixApart/ TypePad would have great possibilities! (note to Anil, if you started charging my Visa in AUD I’d even consider signing up!!!!).

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  • Because there hasn’t been any really large take off in India of blogging yet, for memory the last figure I had was about 1 million blogs so the potential is much larger, where as China has a huge established blog market already (37 million odd blogs)

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