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Is Technorati broken?

Is Technorati broken?

The much loved blog tracking service Technorati, which proudly boasts of over 6.5 million weblogs tracked has either ceased or drastically reduced its blog indexing and tracking services in recent days in tests undertaken by the Blog Herald.

Following several days of little activity in the “Link Cosmos” for the Blog Herald, despite site tracking elsewhere indicating new links inwards (including Bloglines and PubSub), tests on other blogs, including a number of high profile sites showed a similar story: no new recent links, and even then links from the last couple of days being few and far between.

At the time of writing, Dave Winer’s Scripting News indicated one link 1 day ago and then 3 links from 3 days ago. Jeremy Wright’s shows 1 link 1 day ago and 1 link 3 days ago. Even The Daily Kos, arguably the most widely view blog in the blogosphere, indicates one link in 1 day ago, and around 10 links 2 days ago.

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In a marketplace which in which competition is growing, the apparent problems at Technorati, which has had technical issues in the past, is not a good thing for neither the company, nor the blogosphere.

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  • Hmmm, that sounds like something’s strange, our team is looking into it right now. Thanks for the heads-up!

    I’ll keep you guys informed.


  • Yes, I’ve written about that topic also (I’ spoiled by, because I am used to see real new links counted properly and somewhat in time to appear – I find the tools of the english blogosphere lacking of professionality. :(

    As I just entered the english one, I was expecting to be able to monitor my site in a similar quality but I have been massivly disappointed so far.

    Referrers in my logfile are a much more accurate instrument than the available tools. :(

  • I’ve had to ignore Technorati rankings over the last week or two. No new links (in spite of new links), and apparently my blog hasn’t been updated in “7 days”.

    Hopefully the team can work on the problem and figure out what’s up!

  • yep- gothamist’s links haven’t been updated in a couple of days- normally we get a couple of dozen links per day, and now, nothing for awhile. also- have you guys noticed that the link count almost never updates? we’ll sometimes go six or seven weeks without the link count updating, which is weird, since the cosmos is usually showing hundreds of new links.

  • Hi folks!

    Yes, you’ve definitely discovered a bug. we’ve been working all night on this, and things are partially fixed, but there are still some issues. I’ll keep you guys informed.


  • OK, we’ve found the source of the bug, and we’re doing some backfilling to make sure that everything gets back up to date. You should notice that a lot more recent links are in your cosmos results, and things should get progressively better and back up-to-date over the next few days (fingers crossed). :-)

    Thanks again for pointing out the issue, and thanks for your patience bearing with us while we investigated and fixed things.


  • Okay, it’s now June and I am seeing even more problems. My posts aren’t being indexed even though i’ve tagged them properly (it used to work), and my links are not being updated, I’ve tried automated (RPC) pinging, I’ve tried using your online ping function, and a few other things, still deosn’t work…. =\

  • It’s now Nov. 1st 2005 and this problem is still around. Technorati isn’t indexing my tags. I use MovableType’s KeyWord List plugin that takes the MT keywords and makes them into categories in the RSS1.0 feed. Technorati has always taken these categories and used them as tags at least until now.

    I even tried placing an explicit technorati tag link (rel=”tag”) within one of my posts and that still didn’t get the post indexed.

    Technorati says my blog hasn’t been updated in over 6 days even though I updated yesterday and two days before that and two days before that.

    What’s to be done?!? :(

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