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Is TextDrive imploding?

Is TextDrive imploding?

JOAB seems to think so, and cites a number of people who are not happy with the service. Certainly abusing your customers who complain and calling them names doesn’t make for good customer service…indeed you usually know when a company is in deep trouble when the staff start to lash out at customers for internal problems.

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  • Except if you go read the thread, you find that the customer in question had all of his questions politely responded to, a number of times, and it was only when he showed he had no intention of behaving civilly that the “don’t be a dick” rule was brought up. He continued on in the same fashion after that, and that was when his account got dropped.

    While I think TextDrive could certainly stand to have more full-time customer service people, I don’t see this as “deep trouble” and “internal problems” — if a guy came into their physical office and behaved that way, he’d be thrown out, wouldn’t he? Why should it be any different on the Internet?

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