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It was fun while it lasted

It was fun while it lasted

This will be my last column here at The Blog Herald. It was a fun and exciting ride (albeit short) while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end.

I’d like to thank Matt Craven for giving us (me) the freedom to cause mayhem here – now go and have another scotch on me, mate. :-)

The Blog Herald was the first blog I ever read when it was in the hands of its founder, Duncan Riley. It had a strong reputation and readership and was quite influential, so to get the chance to be a small part of it … well, lets just say it has been my pleasure and an honor.

To the new owners of The Blog Herald I wish them all the best in their endeavors. Transitions such as these take time. Take some time to gather up a group of bloggers, develop an editorial voice and go from there.

Now onto my column …

It’s about transparency in blogging .. err, maybe for another day. ;-)

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Martin Neumann

PS. For us Aussies who love cricket … :-) :-) :-)

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  • Thanks David … and you know I’ll be watching you and all your moves, although it’s hard to keep up at times. :-)

    Good luck with 901am and where’s that ebook? I’ll drop you an email one day with an idea I have.

  • It was fun while it lasted Martin – for us too.

    In terms of the cricket – i think it’s more a question of ‘how the hell did the English loose it?’

  • Mark – yeah you poms lose well with dignity, and not for the first time. :-)

    But seriously, what is it: you guys pretty much dictated the whole match until …

    What was striking was how your spinner Giles just was not up to it – it was so glaring. Yes, it’s pretty hard to put him up against Warnie, but watching Warnie all day and then Giles – he was just second rate.

    And Harmison – he’s like a white West Indies quick – he should be bouncing us and ripping our heads off.

    I just hope the 3rd Test next Thurs is better or else the Ashes hype is over for the summer – too soon. And then Boxing Day at the MCG will be an anti-climax.

  • Good luck, Martin, in all your new ventures.

    Talking of “ripping people’s heads off” you’re a kind of blogging Harmison yourself, mate. :-)

    On the Ashes, in 1981 England lost the first two tests, then won the next three. History does repeat itself, you know, and Warnie is not invincible. ;-)

  • Yeah, but then Harmison isn’t Bob Willis and Freddie, much as I’d love him to be, is no Botham. And he’s no Captain either, which makes me wonder if we would have capitulated like that if Vaughan had been there. Agnew says it best-: “England were hapless and naive”. My prediction: 3-1 to the Oz.

  • Thanks John – oh, I wasn’t that rough on people was I – the blogging Harmison (only when he’s in form). :-)

    All the best in the direction you’re going in – I’ll be checking in on how you’re going, so I hope 2007 is the big year for you.

    Still going on about ’81, eh. :-) You know you’re clutching at straws and it’s just a matter of time. 3rd Test. Perth. Notorious bouncy wicket. My prediction: Pointing (seeing he just loves the hook/pull) will score 150 and Warnie will get 8 for the match.

    But deep down, I’m hoping England come back strong – the Melb and Syd tests are awaiting … don’t want them to be dead rubbers.

  • Thanks Jim and for all your encouraging comments along the way – I think I’ll be hanging around Revenews more now – many topics there of interest to where I’m heading – especially setting up and running a good aff marketing program.

  • Thanks for that Aaron – I think Matt put together a neat little team here, very diverse and for a few months there we had a golden run.

    Now lets not get to the point of taking out the tissues as we weep … :-)

    Catch you around the b’sphere and keep up the good work you’re doing at b5.

    To All: b5’s business channel is shaping up into a monster hit, imo – real quality over there. Highly recommended (and no, this is not a paid announcement) :-)

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