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iUpload Partners with Pheedo to Bring RSS Advertising to Branded Blogs

iUpload Partners with Pheedo to Bring RSS Advertising to Branded Blogs

Today, at the Blog Business Summit in Seattle, iUpload, a content management and corporate blogging solution provider, announced a partnership with Pheedo, a company that offers a set of tools to create, promote, analyze and optimize advertising in their weblogs and content feeds.

Pheedo’s blog and feed advertising server manages, serves and reports on ads in feeds while allowing bloggers to easily monetize their syndicated content. The partnership brings integrated ad serving capabilities into iUpload’s content management and blogging platform providing a number of features to advertisers including: the ability to easily create, manage and track rich advertising campaigns in websites, blog communities and RSS feeds; self service ad purchasing; and flexible revenue models that can extend options to run ads out to even include individual blogs.

“Working with Pheedo brings a valuable ad serving and management module to our content management and branded blogging platform,” said Robin Hopper, CEO of iUpload. “By integrating our platform with Pheedo’s blog and RSS ad serving network, iUpload customers can run targeted ads to communities, which turns into revenue for companies and for bloggers.” iUpload customers gain integrated campaign management and reporting, simplifying the process of serving and tracking web and RSS ads and providing clients with a variety of new revenue opportunities.

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“I am very impressed with the suite of tools iUpload is delivering. They are an innovator in the corporate weblog market and we are excited they have chosen Pheedo to provide their customers with our RSS and weblog marketing tools,” said Bill Flitter, Pheedo’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The partnership with iUpload will enable their customers to harness the power of weblog and RSS advertising as well as provide our advertisers with even more niche content, and hyper-targeted weblog and RSS advertising possibilities,” Flitter adds.

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