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Jaguar/ Electric Artists pitch The Blog Herald for a free 4CD box set

Jaguar/ Electric Artists pitch The Blog Herald for a free 4CD box set

Duncan Riley> No, I’ve not starting to sell Jaguar cars on The Blog Herald, but Electric Artists, the same firm behind the Svedka Vodka blog would like me to, given the email I’ve received today:

From: Dustin Goldfarb
Date: May 26, 2005 4:16 AM
Subject: Jaguar CD Box Set Promotion
We are working with Jaguar to get the word out that they are giving away a very cool 4 CD Box Set to everyone who stops by a dealer for a test drive. The Box Set, which was produced by DJ Jason Bentley, features an eclectic mix of dance and electronic music including tracks from Merz, Cut/Copy, Arsenal, Spooky and Ror-Shak. We think several of the people that visit your site would be interested in this promotion.

If you can help with this project, we can offer you one of the Jaguar CD Box Sets (includes a photo booklet and is valued at over $100) to either keep for yourself or giveaway on your site. Limited edition Jaguar shirts may also be available. To participate, we would ask that you post a banner linking to the Jaguar media player we’€™ve created or post the link as a news item on your site.

Please check out the player for music and info (complete track listing) from the Box Set here:

You can access the banner on our assets page here:

If you should use anything on your site, please email us so we can be aware of its placement.

Thank you for your time,

Dustin Goldfarb
Electric Artists – Associate Account Executive
230 W. 41st St. Suite 1100
NY, NY 10036
p. 212-354-xxxx
f. 212-354-xxxx
[email protected] / My Blog-

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Now maybe because its not a compilation of Dave Brubeck’s greatest works or perhaps a recording of the NY Philharmonic performing Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, the CD has no great appeal. Im not really sure that you, as readers of the Blog Herald, would really be all that keen on test driving a Jaguar either, I can remember my father telling me that when you own a Jaguar its always best to own two, one to drive and the second for spare parts to fix the first one. But if you really want to, click away, and I’ll sell the CDs on ebay :-)

On a more serious note though, Electric Artists should have known better. Their Svedka Vodka blog was done well, and they are definitely one of the better companies in terms of understanding the blogosphere. What the email says to me is that they are too tight to actually pay money for the advertising (why pay when we can give out so-called $100 CD sets which probably cost $5 to make) and haven’t really done their homework on the best blogs in which to place the advertisements. By all means, the readers of this astute blog could be Jaguar lovers, but I’d think the readers of Autoblog or similar may be better suited.

Having said all of this though I’ll still take the CD’s: I did after post the image and link and met the criteria (post the link as a news item on your site.)! thanks Dustin, Electric Artists and Jaguar :-)

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  • Hi there,

    it’s again about the Jaguar CD-Box promotion you are all
    doing advertising on your blogs / websites, e.g.

    Did you ever receive the CD-Box you have been promised
    by electricartists ?

    We did never ever receive the
    CD-Box they promised us. Upon lots of request all we heared is
    the same bullshit again like

    “I have still not received my product from Jaguar.”

    We will be contacting Jaguar Cars USA next week
    if we haven’t recieived the CD till then. Any help from you
    would be very appreciated.

    Do you know any other blogs / websites that featured this
    Jaguar CD-Box promotion and did never receive the CD-Box?

    Thanks for your time and help and I hope that this shitty affair
    will clear up soon.

  • Hi, I chanced on this looking at some of my backlinks. I just want to say, for the record, that I received the CDs as promised, as did many of the fans of We gave away lots of copies of the compilation, and I consider the promotion a success, for my part.

    – Eric

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