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Just a thought

Just a thought

Lawn Greengrass> Just a thought, but how long will it be before some erstwhile publisher begins to see the potential in Blogs and Blogging (what a great title) and decides to publish/print a monthly collection?
He or she will pick a monthly theme, invite Bloggers to contribute, paying only those who are printed and Bob’s your Uncle…a blogazine.

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  • Arrrrgh… I’m a former journalist, and I’ve been preaching this for a couple of years, but with a twist:

    Every major newspaper should set up free blogging accounts with some value-added features to keep folks in the system — stuff like FOAF, discounts from advertisers, whatever.

    Subscribers and/or community members get to blog all they want for free — BUT — their content is subect to excerption in a weekly “Community Voices” section or something similar.

    I guarantee that section of the paper would have higher readership numbers than anything else they published inside of six months. It’s the authenticity of of blogging with the (important and under-rated) addition of a good editor. Heck, it even lets old-media types to play editor and feel important.


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