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    Thanks very much for the link. There’s a couple of little updates that I’m pretty chuffed about and I wanted to share – first, there’s now few – well, lots, actually of badges and buttons available on the site, along with a nugget of html – please feel free to take a badge or two for loading into web pages. I just about want to run a competition for the strange places these buttons are finding themselves at – today’s fave is on a site written entirely in cyrillic – russian. It’s slightly strange seeing familiar sights of Wellington, my humble photos and designs, in strange surroundings, but it’s a good feeling too.

    The second little update is we’ve added a new category for submissions – we’ve had papers (academic) and posters (works in progress, academic slant, but hopefully visually interesting as well). We’ve now added a third category – praxis – for people who aren’t academics, but who’ve charged out, ignored academia and just got on with creating huge and interesting blog sites. We’re in discussion with a couple who’ve got just the most impressive blogs – I’ve really got my fingers crossed we can have them address us.

    So, in summary, again, thank you for the promotion – means a lot to us given we’re running on a voluntary basis. Please do look at writing papers, posters, and praxis. We’re restricting the numbers attending the hui so we’ve really got a chance to reach out and talk to each other, in person, instead of over the net. Please join us.


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