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Know More Media Announces the Launch of its Business Blog Network

Know More Media Announces the Launch of its Business Blog Network

Know More Media has announced the launch of its new network of business-related blogs. The Know More Media business blog network contains multiple sites that address a broad spectrum of business categories, including finance, sales, management, marketing, operations, customer service, and information technology.

‘€œWe started the Know More Media business blog network because we saw the tremendous opportunity to connect experts in business disciplines with business professionals,’€? said Tim Stay, Chief Innovations Officer and co-founder of Know More Media. ‘€œWe believe in the power of delivering niche content to very targeted audiences. We are committed to maintaining useful properties that are focused on a wide variety of business topics and functions.’€?

‘€œWe embrace the promise of the democratization of media and of participatory journalism,’€? stated Tim Stay. ‘€œWe believe these conversations allow for corrections, clarifications, and expanded knowledge about a topic or issue.’€?

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  • Duncan, it’s been an exciting day for us at Know More Media. We’ve got nine active blogs and 28 looking for authors. I’m excited to be a part of a blog network – I’m sure you know the feeling. Hopefully we can make it a useful resource for people! Thanks for spotting us.

  • Thanks for the mention here in your blog. We’re very excited about the future of our business blog network. Now we’re sending out the call to find expert business writers. Thanks!

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