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Kudos to Businessweek

Kudos to Businessweek

I promise this will be my last mention of referencing for a while, but I just saw this in my BlogPulse profile and I wanted to share. Some people claim big business doesn’t have to abide by the rules most of us follow in the blogosphere in terms of referencing and links, that they don’t have to give credit where credit is due to ideas and tips.

And then there are large companies who respect bloggers and do the right thing.

So my thanks and praise to Heather Green and Newsweek for the link on “Sploid Redesign“. Ms Green, you are a credit to your organisation and a role model for others, and for this you deserve the kudos of this humble blog. Your colleagues at other media companies and firms, particularly those who write on Tech subjects, could do no better than to seek your advice on how to do the right thing.

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  • Holy crap, Duncan – I don’t recall seeing too many via… on MSM websites/blogs. Isn’t that a sight for sore eyes.

    Maybe all this recent hoopla about referencing is reaching high places.

    BusinessWeek should get a big applause for this – lets hope others follow.

  • A very late thank you for the nice words. I would feel like an idiot if I didn’t link to you. You do great stuff and linking is just the fabric of blogs, it’s one of the really incredible things about them. In any case, thanks again.

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