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List of Blog Networks v4 (January 2006)

List of Blog Networks v4 (January 2006)

It’s been 4 months since my last effort of putting together a list of blog networks and much has changed in this time.

For the first time we saw the launch of a site dedicated to listing blog networks, we’ve seen the rise of blog-ring style blog networks, and the demise of a few other networks.

Given the various models now emerging in this growing industry within the blogosphere, and also to avoid being flamed by the members of 9rules, Ive decided to split the list into three categories: multi-author corporate networks, multi-author collective networks (the web 2.0 version of a blog ring), and individual writer networks. The third category is of particular interest as we are also starting to see individuals with multiple blogs branding their networks, which shows a maturity in the market. In terms of accuracy in relation to determining the difference between multi-author and individuals with multiple blogs, I’ve determined the difference based on looking at a number of blogs at each network. Usually if there is more than one author on a network you are going to see different names on different blogs, however I recognise that this isn’t the most accurate way of measuring the difference, if anyone needs a correction on the list let me know.

(total number of blog networks in the list: 78)

Multi-Author Corporate Networks

451 Press

Blog Carnival

Blog Center
(in Italian)


Blog News Channel

(in Italian)

Blogpire Productions

Blue Fish Network

Breaking News Blog Network


(in Italian)


Creative Weblogging


Daily Pixel

Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing

Fine Fools

Fresh Daily

Gawker Media

Goblog Media
(in Indonesian)

Gothamist LLC


Hart Empire

Hightide Blog Publishing


Know More Media

Law Professor Blogs

Lipped Media

(in Russian)

(in German, formerly known as Space42)



Mink Media

Most Valuable Network


The Podcast Network

Reel Blogs


Seeking Alpha

Shiny Media

Social Media Group
(in French)

Sports Cartel

Too Noisy

Weblogs Inc.,

Weblogs SL
(in Spanish)

Well Fed Network

Writers Write


Multi-Author Collective Networks

9 rules

See Also
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Mom and Pop Blog Network

Pajama’s Media

Rare Vibe

Web 2.0 Work Group

Individual Writer Networks




Blog Communications

Blog Faction

Bloggy Network

Bruce Allen Media


Clear Digital Media

Dot Marketer

Dutch Cowboys
(in Dutch)

Elliot Back



KB Cafe

Niche Blogs Network

ProBlog Network

Spoke Media

Syntagma Media

Shoe Blogs


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  • Doggone it Duncan – I wrote a nice piece today about how much I appreciate you and then you go and cast a dark light on 9rules members?

    That’s off-base… why, out of 78 networks, do you have to single out 9rules members as those who will flame you? Other than Scrivs or Mike or Colin, hardly anyone else in 9rules ever makes a comment here. And Scrivs, Mike and Colin don’t flame you.

    That certainly isn’t true of some of the others you mentioned.

    Dude… ???

  • Just a tiny correction, which isn’t your fault, Duncan: Syntagma Media was a single-author net, but our tenth blog, Writers’ Blog Alliance is written by its members (106 at last count). So SynMed is now a hybrid.

  • Not that I care too much :-) But BizNicheMedia and Dotmarketer both employ several writers, and should probably be in the Multi-Author Corporate Networks section.

  • Duncan,

    We’d be glad to see you come thru KY in October, but I’m sure it won’r work with your schedule.

    Also, could you make the link for Hightide work ?

    Thanks !

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