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How Listening to Music Can Make You a Better Blogger

How Listening to Music Can Make You a Better Blogger

How listening to music can make you a better blogger

It’s a pretty common fact that many writers and bloggers listen to music while they are imposing their latest and greatest novels, short story, or blog post (it also helps conquer writer’s block). A 1993 study in literary journal nature stated that when the participants listened to a Mozart sonata, they scored higher on standardized tests of reasoning ability then participants to sat in silence. This allowed experts to reason that listening to music while completing a task that takes up abstract for spatial reasoning can positively influence work production.

Even though Psychology Today states that these results made of being completely conclusive, the daily habits of writers around the world (as well as other creative people, like artists and designers) swear that music helps them create their best work.

Music serves as ambient noise for many writers as they are working. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research in December 2012 states, “Results from five experiments demonstrate that a moderate (70 dB) versus low (50 dB) level of ambient noise enhances performance on creative tasks and increases the buying likelihood of innovative products.”

The best music to write by

The best music to write blog posts by most likely depends on each individual blogger. However, many writers have recommended classical music, as its lack of lyrics can help relax the mind and open it up to a higher level of thinking.

The type of music to listen to also depends on the listener’s mood. If someone needs to get more motivated, then listening to music with a faster tempo can help. Conversely, if somebody is feeling anxious or stress, listening to slower alternative musicians like Alabama Shakes can be a great way to feel creative while also calming the nerves.

Other ambient noise alternatives

if listening to music isn’t your first choice, there are other ambient noise alternatives that can still get you the creative benefits mentioned in the December 2012 study. Simply Noise has a free white noise generator that can help you concentrate and also came out with Simply Rain, a looping rainstorm which makes great ambient noise.

Additionally, free app and website Coffitivity offers free coffee shop background noise and offers three choices: morning murmur, lunchtime lounge, and university undertones.

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Of course, if you prefer real life ambient noise, try writing blog posts at your local library or coffee shop. Both usually offer free Wi-Fi and are worth the costs of a drink or snack (if you go the coffee shop route).


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  • The more you know, right? I have tried convincing educators throughout my life that music can benefit students, but no. They never budge on the subject. All technical ability to cheat(Wi-Fi contected devices, texting services and those methods to ‘cheat,’) should take a back-seat to the improved ability of music.

    This article really made my day because I often find music improves how I do things, but it can also be a distration if, as your article mentions, the music has lyrics. I’m not a big fan of classical music but if it’ll improve useful skills in my life, I’m all for it.

    Thanks for the article.

  • A good blog always attracts the readers and if your blog is well known then guest writing can be an advantage over it. It always helps to build the audience.

  • has become my best friend when it comes to focused writing. A friend recommended Baroche Radio and I do like it quite a bit.

    Sometimes I like to write to piano music, sometimes I choose peppy movie soundtracks (I wrote a whole small report to Superman music once) and recently I’ve fallen for instrumental cello music.

    Can you tell I like variety? LOL!

    • I like a variety of everything too! Some days it is classical, some days it is rap. I’ll have to try Baroche Radio, I hadn’t heard of it!

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