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Losses to Piracy ‘Self-Serving Hyperbole’

Losses to Piracy ‘Self-Serving Hyperbole’

According to a drafty study commissioned by the office of the Australian Attorney General, statistics used by the digital media and software industries are a ‘self-serving hyperbole’ with no evidence to back up the claims. Furthermore, the study states that the copyright holders fail to explain how the reach the conclusions they then use when pursuing litigation.

Figures for 2005 from the global Business Software Association showing $361 million a year of lost sales in Australia are “unverified and epistemologically unreliable”, the report says.

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  • It’s obvious that imputed losses due to piracy are akk hyperbole. If you think about it for a minute or two, you will realize that the loser from piracy of Word, for example, is not Micro$oft — but the maker of a low cost substitute for Word. Why, oh why, assume that every person who downloads a pirated copy of Word would have paid full price for the software otherwise? No, he/she would have downloaded Star Office maybe or kept on using WordPerfect. Why does the press buy into all this hyperbole? (Don’t answer that!)

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