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Lots of SEO reading hits my todo-list

Lots of SEO reading hits my todo-list

Well, that’€™s an overstatement ‘€“ I’€™ve already read Chris Pearsons’€™ post on how he increased his search engine traffic with 455% in one month. It’€™s a quick but solid read, although I’€™m not overly surprised. WordPress can certainly do wonders if you play it right.

While on the subject I’€™d also like to point to Advertising Age and their downloadable 52-page guide to search marketing (that’s not a direct link, mind you, you can click it). It’€™s a PDF, it’€™s free, and it looks pretty interesting at a glance. I’€™ll be reading it for sure. If you don’€™t take a look, well, re-read the above paragraph. 455% increase in search engine traffic isn’€™t bad at all, so there’€™s definitely things to gain with understanding the search engines.

But we all knew that, right? And you’€™ve already opened both links in new tabs, right? I thought so.

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