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Lunarpages goes troppo: bans MT

Lunarpages goes troppo: bans MT

Californian hosting provider Lunarpages has reportedly banned new users using MT and has started to block MT functions for existing users according to LA Observed, in a move sure to lose it current and future business. According to the site, Lunarpages feels the MT scripts are too easily hacked and that MT eats up server resources.

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  • 12/13/04
    I am in no way affiliated with any web hosting service. In fact, I am brand new to posting a web site on the internet. In March, 2004, I paid for a one year subscription to Lunarpages. I thought I’d be ready to upload my site within days of my purchase but because my company objective was continually changing, I ended up completely re-designing my site from scratch again and again. That said, I have been ready to upload my site for a week now. I emailed Lunarpages tech support to find out what I needed to do to upload my site. I got no response, so…I emailed them again. Again, I got no response. I called their tech support and after waiting 15 minutes on hold, I finally reached a tech (I believe his name was Alex) who confirmed my email address and said he would forward the instructions to me and that I should have them within 10 to 15 minutes. That was about 2:00 p.m. CST and by the end of the day I still had no response. Well, giving them the benefit of the doubt, I thought that maybe, for whatever strange reason, their emails weren’t getting through so I sent a different email address to them and asked them to forward the instructions to that address. Again, I got no response. I finally threatened them with cancelling my service and (surprise) I still got no response. They have been paid for 1 year of which they had to do absolutely nothing for eight months. Now, when I need help simply to utilize the service which I paid for, I get nothing from them. I don’t think I’ve ever had an experience with an internet vender that has been worse than this. I have read many of the “rave” reviews about Lunarpages and I wonder how they ever got them. In fact, it was a combination of cost and the rave reviews that caused me to sign up with them. Well, I am cancelling my subscription with Lunarpages. I expect I will not get a refund. I have signed with another hosting service and they have been extremely helpful. I hope, by posting this review, I can save someone else from having the same type of experience I’ve had. Good Luck.

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