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Lycos Launches Military Blogs

Lycos Launches Military Blogs

Lycos today announced the launch of Tripod for Troops, a new program on launched to coincide with the US Army’s 230th birthday. Tripod for Troops is “designed to help soldiers feel one step closer to home and serves as a destination where soldiers returning from war can continue to tell their stories.”

“It’s very common for soldiers stationed thousands of miles away to feel out of touch with what’s happening at home. Often times, it can be the little things that matter most – like a picture of a child’s birthday party or even a short story about an everyday event,” said Eric Wanta, senior director of marketing for Lycos, Inc. “Likewise, it’s just as important for soldiers returning from Iraq or Afghanistan to receive a hero’s welcome. Our online tools at make it easier to do both.”

With Tripod for Troops, military families can create blogs and post photos from digital cameras and camera phones.

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In addition to the wide variety of existing templates on Tripod, a new “stars and stripes” design – as well as an Army-inspired “camouflage” template – has been added to the site.

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