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Microsoft experimenting with DIY blogging

Microsoft experimenting with DIY blogging

Microsoft has released an updated suite of tools for hosting providers that provides a Microsoft approved blogging platform.

The pack is being provided to hosts who then offer its contents to their clients. Hosts adopting the package include for the provision of blogs to its Windows hosting clients.

The blogware is part of a larger CMS tool, Community Server, from Texas company Telligent, which itself was founded in 2004 by Robert Howard, one of the original members of the Microsoft .NET Framework team, and is currently used by Microsoft blogs on MSDN.

The move sees the first attempt by Microsoft to enter the DIY blog market, currently dominated by WordPress and MovableType, although the package is not currently being offered to individuals for download by Microsoft.

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  • Thanks for the info, Duncan. As chance would have it I’ve been considering moving across to Go.Daddy but was held back by my inexplicable inability to get to grips with WordPress. Mind you, my brief flirt with MSN Spaces doesn’t leave me with any joy at being back in the hands of Microsoft. But at least it’s one solution.

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