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Microsoft setting up lifestyle blog network

Microsoft setting up lifestyle blog network

Microsoft is advertising for paid bloggers to write and edit proposed blogs on five topics: fashion/food/style, music, sports, technology, and television for a new network of lifestyle blogs as part of MSN.

Salary details were not available however successful applicants are expected to contribute around 15 hours per week on the blogs, and the position can be done by telecommute.

The ad at reads

MSN is hiring freelance contributing editors to moderate, write and produce blogs in five topic areas: television, music, technology, sports and fashion/food/style. Contributing editors will be responsible for:
*Writing and producing five-10 daily posts for their blog, drawing material from user submissions, the MSN network and the wider Web
*Reviewing user e-mail submissions and turning the best of them into posts on the blog
*Monitoring blog comments and feedback
You must be passionate about your subject area; familiar with the tools and trends in blogging; a natural writer with an inviting, engaging style; and attuned to the broad interests of MSN’€™s huge audience.

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  • Six months ago I may have jumped on this chance …however, right now it looks to me like they’re trying to re-invent
    Different kinds of blogs have different ways they work. Presuming that all blogs are going to have 5-10 posts in a single day raises some BIG questions for me.
    Do they really understand what they’re into?

  • Agree with the reinvention of I would have expected a new metaphor from Microsoft.

    Who knows, maybe when they get it running it’ll morph into something different.

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