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Monetization, Text Links, and when the heck do I put ads on a site?

Monetization, Text Links, and when the heck do I put ads on a site?

Over at Entrepreneur’s Journey, Yaro takes a look at how to sell text links with Adbrite:

I’€™ve recently become impressed with the potential for making money from a website by selling text link ads.

Yaro talks about using Adbrite as well as using Text Link Ads on his blogs.

I echo Yaro’s successes. While I’ve not had great success with Adbrite on our network, we have had outstanding success with Text Link Ads.

In a similar vein, Darren Rowse at Problogger asks How quickly after starting a blog should I put ads on it? He then goes on to explore some various possibilities

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At BlogMedia, we’ve generally added ads in after a few weeks on our new blogs – letting the blog run as-is without any ads for that time. Course, we also don’t announce our blogs until they’ve been up and running for a few weeks and have several posts in place. Generally, by the time that we announce the blogs, we’ve put ads into place on them…

Disclosure: Text Link Ads has purchased ads on our network in the past and we continue to do business with them.

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  • Don’t forget to mention the $25 Text Link Ads pays per referral. Looks like referrals are back on the upswing (just launched a site in this niche).

  • I am not impressed with Text Link Ads at all. And I haven’t even started selling links yet. I signed up with them almost a month ago. After two weeks I got an email rejecting my site. Then I replied back to appeal it and I haven’t heard another peep from them. Is this how they treat potential clients?

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