More Pets Take to the Blogosphere

My parents love their cats. A LOT. But the day I show up for dinner and they tell me that Jack, Callie or Penny are blogging, is the day I get them some serious professional help.

Just cause animals can’t talk (at least none I have met) doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to say on the Web, at least according to a growing number of pet owners.

With 120,000 blogs created each day, is should come as no surprise that the medium is already going to the animals. Dogbook and Catbook, extensions of Facebook have also been well received, attracting thousands of two-legged – and four-legged – visitors.

Where’s my chew toy? I have to make poopy. Darn earmites! Riveting stuff.

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Maybe I’m just jealous that some mange pooch has more subscribers than me! Perhaps I’ll just roll over.

What do mental health professionals think about the trend? Visit CNN for more.

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  • I love my pets very much and they are indeed a part of my family. However, I do not attribute human qualities to them and I do not blog on their behalf. I consider that kind of blogging to be presumptuous and silly and I prefer not to use the antics of my pets to get either hits or laughs.

    I suppose that puts me outside of the circle bloggers who patronize the cat and dog blogs waiting each day to see what human words are superimposed on pet photos and laughing at them. They don’t amuse me at all.

    I love my dogs because they are dogs. I enjoy their watching their canine antics, playing with them and I admire their ability to be loyal and loving companions within our inter-species relationship.

    I love my cats for their feline qualities of independence and curiosity and I’m glad that they feel affection towards me as well.

  • I love cats for their independence =) But it’s wrong that cats are tender only if they want to eat or something like that, they are individualists, but also love communicating… When are in mood =)
    P.S. Hello from Czech Republic!

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