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More Ways to Interact with Blog Readers

More Ways to Interact with Blog Readers

How do readers of your blog interact with you or among themselves ? Through comments or sometimes via email messages, right ?

Let’s look at a couple of more interesting options here:
» Skypecasts – Skypecasts is a new feature introduced with Skype 3.0. It allows readers to interact (speak) with you as well as other readers of your blog.

Think of Skypecasts as a live conference of upto 100 people – you decide a date time when you want to start the Skypecast, place a button on your blog to spread the word and then people join in.

A reader can either talk with other people in the Skypecast conference or join in listen-only mode.

As the owner of the Skypecast call, you have control over the Skypecast and can even pull out the trouble-makers. [Create a Skypecast]

» Gabbly – Gabbly is another innovative concept for blog readers to interact with each other – it’s a free chat service for people reading the same webpage requiring no registration or downloads.


You can either embed Gabbly chat right inside your blog pages or provide an external link where visitor can click and interact with other people who are also viewing the same webpage.

Gabbly provides an RSS feed of reader conversations so you use that to gather feedback and understand what readers thought of your site in their conversations.

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odeo» Send me an Odeo – Odeo, from the same team that develops Twitter, is a free service to help you subscribe and listen to podcasts online.

But there’s a very useful feature in Odeo for bloggers and it’s called free Voicemail – readers can click the Odeo button on your blog and leave an audio message for you that comes to you as an MP3 file.

To use Odeo, all the user needs is a web browser with Macromedia Flash plug-in and a microphone. It can be a good way to gather feedback from readers who are too lazy to type an email message.

Keep doing interesting things on your blog and visitors will continue to enjoy reading and visiting your site.

[Amit Agarwal is a technology enthusiast and professional blogger. He also writes for Digital Inspiration]
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  • I tried both Gabbly’s and Meebo’s widgets, but in the end I put them off again.

    Fact is that you do generate temporary interaction, but it has neither proof nor power for readers that browse your blog at another time.
    While the comments remain and can attract even more reader because of the comments’ contents.

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