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Moving Day!

Moving Day!

Duncan Riley> Just a short note of thanks to everyone who has emailed me or let me know about the general performance problems here at the Blog Herald recently (well… the better part of the last 2 months). I attempted to move the site a couple of weeks ago to no avail, and as I type this I’m in the middle of moving it to blogging nirvana on b5media’s own dedicated server. I’ll be quiet for a while, and there is a possibility (as 3 weeks ago) that your comments may mysteriously disappear, my apologies in advance if this occurs, but I should be up and running in the next 6-9 hours on the new server. I’ll update this post when its done.

UPDATE: move complete, although the site was down for about 12 hours due to the wonders on me having made a type in the WP-config.php file!

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