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MSN Blogging service to be revealed this week

MSN Blogging service to be revealed this week

MSN is expected to officially reveal its new blogging service “MSN Spaces” this week after successful trials in Japan.

The much awaited service which has been the source of speculation for some time is being seen as a challenge to the Google owned Blogger service.

There is no detail yet on product offerings or price.

The increased competition is likely to see further pressure on smaller pay-for-blogging companies such as SixApart in an increasing saturated market.

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(sources: Micro Persuasion / Yahoo)

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  • I don’t know that the market is saturated — there are very few blogging platforms that are fully functional for the business user. In fact, the only one I know of is Blog-City.
    Blogger still only gives you part of a blog, and Type Pad’s visitor tracking problems, plus a restrictive working template, make them useful for only a small percentage of users.

    I’ll be interested in seeing what kind of a porduct MS comes up with!

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