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MSN Wallop returns as a Yahoo 360 competitor

MSN Wallop returns as a Yahoo 360 competitor

We all know that Yahoo! 360 has been launched for testing in a blogging meets social networking format, but what you might not know is that Microsoft’s Wallop, last mentioned here at the Blog Herald in March 2004 is still being tested and is likely to be released this year in direct competition to 360.

The Star Tribune
has some of the story, including the comment that Wallop is “a Flash-based program offering similar services to 360”, and that Google may be looking at something similar.

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  • I think, compared to Yahoo 360, that Wallop is a Flash nightmare. I personally think that Microsoft is going to haave to come up with a less confusing user interface, because what they’re got is currently unusable. Yes, the interface did begin to grow on me overtime, but it still needs work to make it better. Yahoo 36) os clearing a better product than MyWallop, but the test user interface now out there, and the standard to beat, is’s usr profiles

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