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My favorite recent design blog: emersian

My favorite recent design blog: emersian

I’ve always been an admirer of great design – I almost skipped going for my MBA two years ago and thought of enrolling instead in the University of Minnesota School of Design. But I didn’t, and I’m probably better off because of it – but I’ll always wonder.

Paul Scrivens, of 9rules fame, has been blogging quietly over at a new design blog called Emersian, where he’s been profiling some of the more interesting blog & web designs out there today.

Some recent posts:

He’s also been providing some limited commentary with posts like Learning CSS for Beginners and Breaking the Design Rules.

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What I like about Emersian is that Scrivs is just keeping it simple – highlighting great designs without commentary or analysis – and providing some occasional commentary and thoughts…

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  • I greatly appreciate the kind words Craven. I’ve had a couple people say they like the page design and to be honest it won’t get much better than that from me. I don’t do graphics and I’m as basic as they come. For the homepage I wanted more of a reference/resource type of display instead of a traditional blog view.

    I’ll have to write an entry detailing more of my design decisions, but I’ve been working on the site quietly because I am waiting to get more entries to fill out the homepage more. Then I’ll go around doing some damage.

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