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MyBlogSite problems angering users, some leaving

MyBlogSite problems angering users, some leaving

The MyBlogSite free blogging service is coming under fire from users due to serious problems with blogs hosted on the site.

According to one user who emailed The Blog Herald, the service was disrupted due to a virus that corrupted files for users.

Symptoms included:
– The ad banner became right justified and could not be moved or deleted.
– All writing appeared in the same font no matter what it was originally posted in.
– It is impossible to do Bold or Italic type.
– If you use an apostrophe S the system posts something like this instead 8*%442
– The system doesn’t keep the TEXT or LINE BREAKS tag so that the posted text is in one solid block.

According to the email the problems have been ongoing for over 1 month and aside from standard responses, Fortune City has failed to respond to users.

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A quick glance across the service finds a number of disgruntled users, including some who are leaving to other services, including blogger, and a large number of sites that have been affected.

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  • That sounds very scary–being at the mercy of a dysfunctional blog service. I’m glad I’m on Blogger instead, despite the fact that snafus are frequent. Hopefully nothing super serious will occur there as well. Kind of makes one feel powerless over one’s own blog. Not good!

  • yep. I was a myBlogSite user, they are just horrible. they ignore you, and it takes them over 3 weeks to fix a problem that should take no more then 5 hours…

    I still can not get my old site to work there, I switched to blogsome, it is OK, very open and free. they have some problems, it tends to be slow and not responsive at times. but overall, a great job.

  • MyBlogSite users just received notification that their blog service will discontinue as of November 30th but are suggesting that users switch over to some other service for as low as $8.95 per month.
    And, yet! I went to their website to see if there was any more information regarding this ‘shut down’ and they are still asking people to sign up for free.
    It’s not that they are slow to respond – they have ignored emails altogether.
    It’s good that they will go away. I just have a lot that needs to be removed from my site.

  • As one who’s scrambling to shift his blog to a new host from the greedy cretins at MyBlogSite, may I just say that no one should be foolish enough to migrate to their new sister host site BlogHarbor. Personally I hope they all catch a flesh-eating disease.

  • Hey dailybabe. Thanks for the nice words about Blogsome. In relation to any temporal slowness, we are implementing our distributed version of the system over the next 2 weeks. After that it should fly.

  • I was (well still am in theory) a Myblogsite user, but when they said it was being suspended switched to Blogger.

    I am/was a very happy Myblogsite customer (well, I had a free blog) and everything worked great I thought. I was quite disappointed to see it go…except that it hasn’t gone, so now I’m on Blogger which I’m struggling with (it’s WYSIWYG is NOT WYSIWYG where Myblogsite was) and I have many other niggles over it.

    I also dabbled with Livejournal and found that it was too troublesome to maintain and I couldn’t get the right feel for my blog with its limited free capabilities.

    I’m only annoyed with Myblogsite for not shutting down in November when they said they would…I feel like I didn’t need to go through all the hassle of finding an alternative, but now I’m migrated I wont be going back….

  • Hi,

    Just to confirm that we’ve now implemented our distributed system so Blogsome should be much faster.


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