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New Food Blog Network Debuts

New Food Blog Network Debuts

Digital Mavens LLC has announced the launch of the Well Fed Network, a blog network dedicated to “all things food and drink related”.

The blogs include ‘Sugar Savvy‘, ‘Paper Palate‘ (, ‘Growers and Grocers‘, and ‘The Spirit World‘.

The new network is also planned new blogs that will include a wine blog, a blog dedicated to cookbooks, and several blogs that cover the food scene in various cities across the world.

“We thought it was time to raise the bar on providing content through the use of the blog medium”, said Kate Hopkins, one of Well Fed’s founders. “There are a tremendous number of talented food writers on the Internet. Our hope is that we can provide the writers a forum to let their talent shine, while at the same time providing a valuable resource to the readers.”

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For tech watchers the network is also the first blog network I’m aware of that runs on b2evolution.

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  • That’s actually a pretty cool concept – a whole blog network based on a vertical market. If they produce a lot of top quality content they should do well.

  • Disappointing that they couldn’t score a single .com domain name for any of their blogs. Lesson for everyone who has a blog idea is to get the domain now even if you aren’t going to use it in a while because the .com pool is quickly drying up.

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