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New Google Adsense ad spotted

New Google Adsense ad spotted

Thanks to Bloglines Im typing in a lot more URL’s into Firefox today because its still not reading content at a whole pile of sites, and then I spotted this:

It appears to be a new Google Adsense ad format being displayed at Problogger. We’ve all read about how Adsense now tweaks the number of ads it presents in a space relative to the CTR rates in an attempt to maximize clickthrus, but to date I’ve never seen an instance of actual increased font size in the ad to fill up the whole spot (468×60 in this case). In the larger Adsense spots where the one ad is usually served up it normally sits in the middle of the space, same font size as a normal text ad, all by itself. I wonder if Darren will see improved returns?

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  • I spoke to an Adsense person during the week and she told me these are CPM ads and by someone who is specifically targetting my site. They’re actually happening on a number of my blogs at present. I originally noticed them back here.

    Not sure if they are really having any impact upon my figures though – hard to tell but nothing remarkable has happend to my earnings as a direct result – just the same steady growth.

  • Bugger, I knew someone would have seen something like this before, still new for me though :-) Interesting that they are text based.

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