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New Recruitment Web Site Targets Bloggers

New Recruitment Web Site Targets Bloggers has been launched. A colaboration between Jeremy Wright and, the site provides a recruitment service that matches employers with bloggers. capitalizes on the exponential growth of blogs to place candidates in jobs that are suited to bloggers or are posted by bloggers.

“Corporate weblogs and sponsored blogs are coming online at a staggering rate. Both companies and individuals are beginning to recognize the value of hiring someone to blog on their Web site,” said Wright. “Additionally, many bloggers have skills, such as good writing and communication skills, that are in high demand in the workplace.”

Of interest to Blog Herald readers may be a job with InsideBlogging, who are seeking a for-pay blogger to produce IT and tech-related content for clients. The Blogger will be expected to produce several “news” style pieces per day in a similar format to those found at engadget. The initial agreement will be for a four month contract, paying $500 (USD) per month, The content expectation is 3-6 posts per day. More information at the site.

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