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New RSS service claims 20,000 users in 2 weeks

New RSS service claims 20,000 users in 2 weeks

New RSS aggregation service Bloggator has claimed over 20,000 people signups in its first 2 weeks of operation.

The service provides a directory style listing of feeds sorted by topic which users can use to find new feeds.

Jeffrey Smith, Bloggator’s founder, pitches the service at the newbie market: “Bloggator is aimed at people who don’t know how to – or don’t want to take the time to – find blogs and figure out how the blogosphere works”

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Smith also uses the old “every one else sucks” line is his attempt to promote the service with the following quote:
“I tried every blog directory I could find before building this, and finding a feed worth reading was like finding a needle in a haystack and that can make new users give up before they experience the fun of reading blogs everyday.”

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  • Thanks for mentioning Bloggator, but I have to take offense at branding my comment as “the old ‘every one else sucks’ line.” That’s an unfair characterization of what I was saying.

    For a newbie trying to find out about blogs, it IS difficult to find good blogs that are worth reading. Some people are weak on Web skills and some people simply don’t have a lot of time to learn how blog aggregators work.

    We’ve designed Bloggator to help these people get up and running quickly. I don’t know of any other service out there that is tailored to newbie use.

    I speak from experience. My wife was one of those newbies who had already tried and thrown up her hands in frustration.

    Thanks again for the plug, though!

    Best regards,

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