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New server company required

New server company required

From Jeremy at the b5media blog:

As many people have noted, we’€™re having server issues. To be honest, it’€™s no longer load issues. In fact, the several experts we’€™ve brought in to have a look are stumped. And the server center says there is ‘€œnothing wrong’€? with the box, even though it’€™s throwing scads of errors, MySQL keeps dying, one server refuses to talk to another, etc, etc, etc.

So, we are looking for another server company to go with. We’€™d likely be looking at 3 servers initially. We don’€™t need a lot of support, but we DO need the servers properly configured initially, and we DO need them to stay up. Ideally all 3 would also be on the same switch, or close to it, since they’€™ll be talking to each other pretty heavily.

If you know of anyone, or are a server provider who would like to talk, please email me or even call me (506 466 3855), as this is incredibly urgent.

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And to think the company we are currently using is suppose to be considered one of the best in the business and we are spending decent money for the service….and they wont even check the hardware for us when we ask. I’ve got so many emails back and forward from them yesterday its one of the reasons I’m avoiding the computer today…..grrrr :-)

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