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New surge in comment spam?

New surge in comment spam?

Duncan Riley> Perhaps I haven’t been noticing it as much since upgrading to WP 1.5 and having a lot less trouble with spam, but across all my blogs today there appears to be a big upswell in comment spam attacks, particularly using new words that weren’t in the spam filter, its actually that heavy that the server load has increased and the blogs are running slowly whilst being attacked (although still running). Thankfully most of it is not getting on any of the sites. Is anyone else experience an upsurge in comment spam, or have I just been lucky recently? let me know by adding your comment.

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  • Duncan: Since I upgraded to WP1.5, I myself have had very little comment spam, but that’s all due to a captcha and comment moderation. I thought I was just lucky too. What is everyone using to protect themselves from spam? I tried SpamKarma, but it wound up working TOO good and my faithful readers were locked out of commenting.

  • Duncan, I have experienced just the opposite of late.
    I am still using WP1.2 but I happily have had little comment spam lately.
    Perhaps some of the aAnti spam plug-ins are working or perhaps it indicates that no-one is heading to my site!

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